One last strike against inheritFont() in LaTeX output

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes lasgouttes at
Tue Apr 13 12:33:11 UTC 2021

Here is my latest attempt to try to make inheritFont a display-only 
feature. My reasoning is that this method and the Font entries of layout 
files only describe hat LaTeX does, so that LaTeX output does not have 
to take them into account.

The attached example of a footnote in bold text gives the following in 2.3:

Note that the footnote inset is in bold like the rest of the top level 

In 2.4 the output is visually the same, but the code is weird:

The good change is that the \footnote is in a bold context as it should 
(the LaTeX style could be improved, but this is not 2.4 matters).

But the bad change is that there is a \textmd inside the \footnote{} 
that does not make sense: inheritFont=false already tells that the font 
has been reset inside the footnote, why would we have to reset (again) 
to medium wight?

I think that we should just ignore these outer font issues and generate 
the explicit font changes of the inner inset. But of course, there may 
be backward compatibility issues I am not aware of.

Jürgen, I am sorry to reopen this can of worms, but I feel it has to be 
settled before 2.4.

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