FriCAS and Lyx

Ralf Hemmecke ralf at
Tue Apr 13 09:08:24 UTC 2021

> there is interest in the sense that we generally accept patches
> implementing new features plus minus some adaptation.

Fair enough.

> On the other hand if you are looking for someone who would write LyX part
> I am not much optimistic. Based on the minimal code flow and users
> feedback to this forgotten area (CAS integration) I think the devel/user
> base is rather tiny.

Yes, maybe the user base is tiny, but to grow it. It would be
interesting to learn what Lyx actually intends with this connection.
Is it like in Texmacs that the CAS can be used just like a frontend to
the CAS or does Lyx just copy the output of the CAS into its .lyx
format, i.e. actually no interactive use of the CAS?

> In past I even tried to create 'fancy' calculator build on top of lyx
> which used lyx math editor + maxima in the background, but at the
> end I found myself using only maxima itself most of the time.

When there is interest, then someone (interested) should perhaps help me
finding the relevant parts of the existing code an explain how the
workflow is an what would have to be done to integrate FriCAS. Otherwise
it simply means that there is no interest.
I have enough other projects to deal with so that I will not invest much
time in looking through Lyx code.


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