[LyX/master] The foot inset does not inherit fonts

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes lasgouttes at lyx.org
Tue Apr 13 09:02:47 UTC 2021

Le 13/04/2021 à 08:38, Jürgen Spitzmüller a écrit :
> Am Mo., 12. Apr. 2021 um 22:55 Uhr schrieb Jean-Marc Lasgouttes 
> Yes. If this works now: great. This font handling is so nastily complex 
> that it always took me long to dive into it once more.
>     OTOH, I suspect that the description of inheritFont is now misleading,
>     and that it should be stripped down to something like:
> Good. If we can get rid of the "all other exports" part, it'd be perfect.

Please check that I got it right at 0acf594df2d9.

> Thanks for investigating into our corssover menu.

My pleasure. I like molecular gastronomy.

The last issue I have for now is InsetTabular. There is no reason for it 
to be inheritFont==false, since the real one does inherit fonts. And 
HTML/DocBook do the same.

In the current state of things, output of tabulars that are in an 
inherited font (see my example with a theorem) changes in 2.4 vs 2.3. I 
would like to reset the property, but this leads presumably to format 

What do you think?

Oh, and one last thing: now that I have cloned and explored the latex2e 
repository I see that resetting fonts (\birmalfont) is really:

    \edef\f at family{\familydefault}%
    \edef\f at series{\seriesdefault}%
    \edef\f at shape{\shapedefault}%

What does this mean? It means that "reseting font" is only resetting 
family, series and shape. In particular, it does preserve font size. It 
would be nice if we could mimick this (think a tabular inset in a 
"Legalese" layout in tiny size).


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