Beta 1

Richard Kimberly Heck rikiheck at
Sun Apr 11 06:25:11 UTC 2021

Got kind of busy last month, but that has left some time for testing,
and we seem not to have gotten too many reports of regressions. So how
about a Beta 1 soon? I guess that means total feature freeze and only
serious bug fixes in master. Do we start translations then? with the
understanding that such string changes henceforth should be essential only?

I have one bug that I'm very worried about. It seems to happen as
follows. I have a master with a child (even just one). I am editing the
child. I then compile the master (master-buffer-update, or whatever it
is). If I try to edit the child while the compilation is under way, I
get errors. Often this is "No aux file found". Then it is "Undefined
citations". But it is especially noticeable if there is a macro defined
in the master that is needed in the child. Then I get: Undefined command.

I have not had time to debug this, and I am not sure I can reproduce it
reliably. But it happens on multiple machines. It feels as if something
is resetting the parent for the child or else deleting the compiled
files for the master when I try to edit the child.


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