How to not convert layout when pasting?

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes lasgouttes at
Fri Apr 9 15:30:28 UTC 2021

Le 09/04/2021 à 16:58, Scott Kostyshak a écrit :
> Just to make sure I understand, according to this copy-based mechanism,
> suppose I have the following in an itemize paragraph:
>    * This is a paragraph.
> If I copy just "This is", then when I paste into the empty enumerate
> item it would not be converted to itemize and enumerate would be
> preserved. On the other hand if I copy the full "This is a paragraph."
> then it would be converted. Do I understand correctly? This is
> interesting and I haven't thought about this possibility. I would have
> to pay more attention to when this issue comes up for me. I think it
> would cover most of the cases.

Note that the difficulty with that is that the clipboard does not keep 
the information of whether the paragraph was complete. But it could be 
possible to reset the layout in the cliboard itself at copy time.


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