new find-dialog in 2.4.0-alpha3 may lead to unintentional deletion of text

Micha H. Werner micha.h.werner at
Thu Apr 8 10:05:48 UTC 2021

using the new find-dialog in 2.4.0-alpha3 may lead to the unintended
deletion of the terms searched for:

strg-f -- enter search term -- hit enter often enough --> at some point,
the focus shifts from the search menu to the document itself and the
highlighted text is replaced by a new paragraph.

it would be less dangerous if the focus would stay within the search menu
as was the case in earlier versions of lyx.

otherwise: 2.4.0.-alpha3 seems already very stable (on debian bullseye) and
i did not experience any other problems -- thanks to you all for the great
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