[LyX/master] Zoom slider

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes lasgouttes at lyx.org
Tue Apr 6 09:26:09 UTC 2021

Le 06/04/2021 à 10:30, Jürgen Spitzmüller a écrit :
> Am Dienstag, dem 06.04.2021 um 09:07 +0200 schrieb Pavel Sanda:
>>> Juergen, would you mind if slider and its buttons were toggling
>>> between
>>> visible/invisible rather than enabled/disabled?
>>> It would look imho better when no document is loaded.
>> Ping.
> I prefer the disabled version, but on the other hand, I begin to
> develop indifference since every thing I change on this UI triggers a
> new bag of requests.

A new preference maybe ? :-P


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