Bookmark Marker Weirdness

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes lasgouttes at
Mon Apr 5 14:56:43 UTC 2021

Le 05/04/2021 à 09:50, Jürgen Spitzmüller a écrit :
> Am Samstag, dem 03.04.2021 um 10:29 -0400 schrieb Richard Kimberly
> Heck:
>> I don't have a strong opinion. For what it's worth, I prefer the
>> bookmarks in the margins, rather than inline. They are not text
>> themselves, or related to text, so I find them distracting when
>> inline.
>> It would certainly help if they did not jump around, but I don't know
>> that it would help enough.
> I'm not a heavy bookmarks users either. I think I would prefer them
> inline, but maybe with a less salient appearance (smaller and with a
> pale color).
> If bookmark bugs are revealed by this feature, I think this is a good
> thing.
> As to show/hide: We have some long-standing requests for hiding non-
> printable items such as labels, index entries in the workarea.
> Bookmarks would probably just another one to be added to this list.

Anoother solution for 2.4.0: keep both codes hidden behind a pref 
\experimental_bookmarks_visibility with possible values NONE (default), 
INLINE and MARGIN. This pref would not have any GUI associated with it.


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