Check for the -Wno-deprecacted-copy compiler option in cmake build

Kornel Benko kornel at
Sat Apr 3 17:50:44 UTC 2021

Am Sat, 3 Apr 2021 18:13:17 +0200
schrieb pdv <pdvisschere at>:

> The Apple Clang compiler does not recognize the -Wno-deprecated-copy 
> compiler option. See thread "Re: warning: unknown warning option 
> '-Wno-deprecated-copy'" (8/10/2020) in this list.
> This was solved for the autotools build with commit 4aee447af1 (13/10/2020).
> I've implemented a similar check for the cmake build.
> As is stands the patch unsets the test-variable from the cache and the 
> test is performed for each cmake-run.
> I don't know what's the preferred policy and one should remove that line 
> to use the cached result instead.
> P. De Visschere

Why was

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