KOMA-Script letter 2 for invoices

Jean-Marie Pacquet jm at pacquet.net
Sun Feb 2 08:32:42 UTC 2020

Le 01/02/2020 à 21:47, Jean-Marie Pacquet a écrit :
> Le 01/02/2020 à 20:04, Rich Shepard a écrit :
>> On Sat, 1 Feb 2020, Rich Shepard wrote:
>>> I just updated the scrguien PDF to the 2019-10-10 version and will read
>>> Section 4.21. I may be back with specific questions for you.
>> Jean-Marie,
>> I've read Section 4.21 of the latest KOMA-Script manual and I'm still
>> lost.
>> I understand the overall idea but not the details of implementation.
>> In my documents/templates/ directory I have three files:
>> aesllc-invoice.lco,
>> aesllc-invoice.lyx, and invoice-template.lyx; the latter is what I've
>> been
>> using and which I want to add the EIN number. The three files are in the
>> attached compressed tarball.
>> In the invoice-template.lyx file do I specify 'aesllc-invoice' as a
>> custom
>> class option or somehow un-grey the predefined class option radiobutton?
>> What affect does aesllc-invoice.lyx/.lco have on invoice-template.lyx?
>> I'm looking forward to learning how to use .lco files.
>> Best regards,
>> Rich

The file invoice-template.lyx does not use aesllc-invoice.lco.
aesllc-invoice.lyx and aesllc-invoice.lco are used together but have
nothing to do with invoice-template.lyx.

I wrote a lco file named invoice-template.lco from all instructions
preceding the KOMAoptions line in the preamble of invoice-template.lyx.
I modified invoice-template.lyx (new name is invoice-template.new.lyx)
to use this lco file. And in this lco, I added the EIN number below the
logo in a minipage.

Best regards



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\cfoot[scrplain-centered ]{}
% horizontal position of the address field
% vertical position of the address field
% vertical position of ref line (date)
% space between ref line and letter text
% space for signature image
    EIN: 81-5320225\\%
Page \thepage\\\usekomavar{date}}
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#LyX 2.3 created this file. For more info see http://www.lyx.org/
\lyxformat 544
\save_transient_properties true
\origin unavailable
\textclass scrlttr2
%% Load an *.lco style file (see KOMA documentation)

\use_default_options false
\maintain_unincluded_children false
\language english
\language_package default
\inputencoding auto
\fontencoding global
\font_roman "palatino" "default"
\font_sans "default" "default"
\font_typewriter "default" "default"
\font_math "auto" "auto"
\font_default_family default
\use_non_tex_fonts false
\font_sc false
\font_osf false
\font_sf_scale 100 100
\font_tt_scale 100 100
\use_microtype false
\use_dash_ligatures true
\graphics default
\default_output_format pdf2
\output_sync 0
\bibtex_command default
\index_command default
\paperfontsize default
\spacing single
\use_hyperref false
\papersize letterpaper
\use_geometry true
\use_package amsmath 1
\use_package amssymb 1
\use_package cancel 1
\use_package esint 0
\use_package mathdots 0
\use_package mathtools 1
\use_package mhchem 1
\use_package stackrel 1
\use_package stmaryrd 1
\use_package undertilde 1
\cite_engine basic
\cite_engine_type default
\biblio_style plain
\use_bibtopic false
\use_indices false
\paperorientation portrait
\suppress_date false
\justification true
\use_refstyle 0
\use_minted 0
\index Index
\shortcut idx
\color #008000
\leftmargin 2cm
\topmargin 4cm
\bottommargin 2cm
\headsep 1.5cm
\secnumdepth 3
\tocdepth 3
\paragraph_separation skip
\defskip medskip
\is_math_indent 0
\math_numbering_side default
\quotes_style english
\dynamic_quotes 0
\papercolumns 1
\papersides 1
\paperpagestyle default
\tracking_changes false
\output_changes false
\html_math_output 0
\html_css_as_file 0
\html_be_strict false


\begin_layout Logo
\begin_inset Graphics
	filename /home/rshepard/documents/templates/llc-letterhead.pdf
	width 100text%



\begin_layout Signature
\begin_inset Graphics
	filename /data/signature-written.jpg
	width 3in


\begin_inset Newline newline

 Richard B.
\begin_inset Newline newline


\begin_layout Subject


\begin_layout Date
\begin_inset ERT
status open

\begin_layout Plain Layout




\begin_layout Address
\begin_inset Newline newline

\begin_inset Newline newline

\begin_inset Newline newline

city, state zip

\begin_layout Opening
Dear name,

\begin_layout Standard

\noun on

\begin_layout Standard

\noun on
\noun default

\begin_layout Standard
$ due upon receipt.

\begin_layout Closing


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