[LyX/master] Start reporting missing citations and broken references in LaTeX build.

Jürgen Spitzmüller spitz at lyx.org
Sat Mar 14 13:44:49 UTC 2020

Am Samstag, den 14.03.2020, 14:29 +0100 schrieb Daniel:
> Yes, I think that would be helpful. In particular if some broken 
> references would be classified as such that currently aren't. For 
> example, visible references to hidden labels 
> (https://www.lyx.org/trac/ticket/11782). 

This seems to have been fixed in master already.

> On the other hand, there are 
> some that are currently classified only as in the work area BROKEN
> that 
> I wouldn't want to see there, e.g. hidden broken references (those
> in 
> notes).

It would be easy to omit these in this outliner section.


> Daniel
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