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Mon Mar 9 14:16:18 UTC 2020

On Sun, Mar 08, 2020 at 04:20:05AM +0000, Hilário Araújo wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Hilário Araújo and I am a student from Portuguese Naval
> Academy.  have been developing for almost 1 month in a master's thesis
> model to be used in Lyx.
> I really liked the project and would like to contribute with my
> knowledge.
> The model is already finalized and can be edited for other colleges. In
> addition, you can also develop and help other users.
> In the mean time, I put some tutorials in the WiKi page and the link
> don't appear because the ApproveSite. Can you resolve the problem?
> Best reggards,
> Hilário Araújo

Hi Hilário,

Thanks for writing and sharing your thesis template!

Instead of a separate example page, I suggest you just put a link to
your GitHub page here:

The information regarding installation and tutorials should be on your
GitHub page (I don't think it's needed to duplicate this on the LyX
Wiki). On the LyX Thesis page, perhaps give just a couple of points of
why one might want to choose your thesis template compared to the others
listed there. That's all a user needs to know to decide which template
to give a try when they are reading the page.

I took a quick look at your GitHub readme and it looks nice! I
especially appreciate that it is user-friendly and accessible even to
beginners. And it is great to see your section "Who do I talk to?" with
your emails; that's a great signal to users. Thanks for your work on
this, Hilário!

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