Registry handling on windows (installer)

Pavel Sanda sanda at
Mon Mar 9 10:53:13 UTC 2020

On Sat, Mar 07, 2020 at 09:11:33AM +0100, Yu Jin wrote:
> Am Fr., 6. März 2020 um 19:09 Uhr schrieb Pavel Sanda <sanda at>:
> > I think we use 'convert' but other executables are looking as a good
> > candidate
> > for removal.
> Where do we use "convert"? There is no convert.exe in the current
> dependencies or LyX's install directories.

Well on non-Windows systems, you will call 'convert' not 'convert.exe'
so one has to make sure the first string is present in the sources
(which will probably give you gazilion false positives so I'm not
sure you want to spend your time on this :))

Another thing to check would be whether 'magick' is supported (I am pretty sure
'convert' is) by both imagemagick and graphicsmagick, which is alternatively
used on some systems (acutally you might want to check that fork -- maybe its
ported to windows, they claimed it's less conflicting with other software,
dunno what that means though).

> And also please do this scriptable, dependecies like imagemagick
> > need regular updates due to constant flow of security bugfixes...
> >
> Scriptable... Im not sure how you mean that, I dont know much about
> imagemagick, which files it really needs... there are lots of xml files...
> maybe imagemagick devs change something in the future. I planned to
> describe it as good as possible in the README for the windows installer,
> but I think a person would have to do it manually following the guide.

By scriptable I meant to have some kind of (shell?) script, which converts
the downloaded imagemagick to the one which is distributed by us,
if we make any changes to it. This would have two advatages:
1. We are going to update imagemagick rather often because its often fixed for
   security vulnerabilities. (Again graphicmagick ppl claim they are
   better in this regard, but it maybe just advertisement bull...)
2. READMEs with manual instructions tend to be unupdated and manual instructions
   are sometime ambiguous.

> Still, using the portable imagemagick would be a benefit, because no
> registry hacks would be required.

Completely agree.

> For stable: remove the registry writing part for imagemagick.
> For master change the main registry key from "...\LyX${APP_VERSION}" to
> "...\LyX\${APP_VERSION}".
> Finally update the readme and extend with description on how to update the
> dependencies.
> Is this ok with everybody?

Seems reasonable.

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