Building windows installer questions

Richard Kimberly Heck rikiheck at
Sat Feb 15 17:38:44 UTC 2020

On 2/15/20 6:26 AM, Yu Jin wrote:
> Looks like I got it working now. Here few more questions:
> 1. How to do the GPG signature?

Only a few of us can do that, because only a few of us have the key, for
obvious reasons. If you want to send yours to me---just put it somewhere
I can download it---then I can make a signature for it.

FYI, I updated ImageMagick in the most recent installers. I haven't
uploaded the new stuff yet to the dependencies file online.

> 2. Are we bothering with the 64 bit version?

I have not to this point. Uwe (who used to maintain the installer) never
did, though I am not sure why. It probably would not be that difficult
to do, at least for testing.


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