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Stephan Witt st.witt at
Wed Feb 12 19:45:56 UTC 2020

Hi all,

I've recently upgraded some parts of my tool box. I’m seeing new warnings now.

1. deprecated warning (removed with C++17?)

lyx/src/insets/InsetCommandParams.cpp:596:9: warning: 'mem_fun_ref<bool, lyx::ParamInfo::ParamData>' is deprecated

2. various memory leak warnings

E.g. in GuiDocument::updateAvailableModules() - src/frontends/qt/GuiDocument.cpp, line 4474

There is an allocation here:
QStandardItem * catItem = new QStandardItem();

and later an assignment here:
catItem = fcats.first();

See the attached nice picture…

Should this be changed with the attached patch?

Similar problems are reported 

- in GuiLyXFiles::updateContents() with
+ QTreeWidgetItem * catItem - line 421
+ QTreeWidgetItem * subcatItem - line 447

- in GuiToolbar::add() with
+ InsertTableWidget * iv - line 495 (here I’m not sure)

3. NULL pointer usage

In GuiView::dispatchVC are different buffer pointer variables used.
Sometimes there is an explicit check for NULL value. 
Sometimes there is an assertion with break or return for release builds.
This looks inconsistent.

4. using uninitialized variable

In GuiCompleter::asyncUpdatePopup the x and y position are declared w/o initial value.
The virtual Inset::completionPosAndDim() method body is empty for common case.
Only InsetText, InsetTabular, InsetMathMacro and InsetMathNest have an assignment.
For all other insets (I didn't check if this is possible) the QRect results in garbage. 

Best regards,

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