on macOS new user experience likely to be frustrating

mn mnork0 at gmx.net
Wed Feb 12 15:22:12 UTC 2020

LyX, macOS 12

This is just a new user to LyX perspective: bad.

Newly setup system:

1. install macOS
2. install TeXlive2019
3. install LyX
4. install Skim
5. read some docs for configuration

(as written previously: trying to read UserGuide.pdf will not work in
this setup…)

- Changing default PDF output in

  Preferences > Output > General

  to 'Skim' results in pdflatex output being displayed in X11/xpdf

 Preferences >  File Handling > File Formats > Viewers (PDF(pdflatex))
 is indeed set per default to 'xpdf')

- trying to enable synctex support as per wiki is impossible

— **none** of the options under

 Preferences > File Handling > Converters

 enables any 'OK' or 'Apply' buttons. They always remain greyed out, no
changes can be saved.

https://wiki.lyx.org/LyX/SyncTeX  (says:
> Enter Tools > Preferences > File Handling > Export programs [not existing]
> Click "LaTeX (pdflatex) > PDF (pdflatex)" in the list. In the "Export
program" box, it now says pdflatex $$i. Instead, put pdflatex
-synctex=-1 $$i there.
> Click Modify to the right of the list, then Apply. [Bug: 'nothing to


Aim is to use LyX and Skim with synctex.
Result is a not working as expected system, plus a bug?

New install experience on macOS hampered by bugs, inaccessible and
confusing & outdated documentation (within bundle, on official wiki).

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