LyX 2.3.4 is Released

Jean-Pierre Chrétien jeanpierre.chretien at
Wed Feb 5 17:52:29 UTC 2020

Le 31/01/2020 à 20:46, Richard Kimberly Heck a écrit :
> Public release of LyX version 2.3.4
> ===================================
> We are proud to announce the release of LyX 2.3.4. This is the fourth
> maintenance release in the 2.3.x series.

I got a working LyX installation where the 4 UserGuides compile fine, but I had 
a warning during compilation:

1.2.5/mythes.cxx: In member function ‘int MyThes::Lookup(const char*, int, 
1.2.5/mythes.cxx:247:25: warning: ‘char* strncpy(char*, const char*, size_t)’ 
specified bound depends on the length of the source argument [-Wstringop-overflow=]
1.2.5/mythes.cxx:244:27: note: length computed here
              int k = strlen(pos);

Debian Buster, TL 2019,
   Host type:               x86_64-pc-linux-gnu
   Special build flags:      build=release std-regex use-hunspell
   Bundled libraries:        boost mythes
   C++ Compiler:            g++ (8.3.0)
   C++ Compiler flags:       -fPIC -O2 -std=c++14
   C++ Compiler user flags:
   Linker flags:
   Linker user flags:
   Qt Frontend:
       Qt version:	   5.11.3
   Packaging:               posix
   LyX binary dir:          /usr/local/bin
   LyX files dir:           /usr/local/share/lyx-2.3.4


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