LyX 2.3.4 Windows Installer for Testing

mn mnork0 at
Tue Feb 4 06:52:35 UTC 2020

On 03.02.20 23:35, Stephan Witt wrote:

>> Just got around testing the Mac version.
> Which Mac version did you test? The version you’ve built from source or the official one from download?

macOS 10.12, TeXLive 2019.
Release version of LyX 2.3.4, as per download from

(Sunday, January 12, 2020 Qt Version (run-time): 5.9.8
Qt Version (compile-time): 5.9.8)

>> UserGuide.pdf on macOS with default PDF viewer is unusable.
> Which version of UserGuide.pdf - the english or some other language?

Tried and reported on English UserGuide. Just reran again. Same difference.
Funny enough, the German UserGuide under /de/ compiles and displays…

>> Unfortunately, UserGuide is
>> - blank in
>> - crashing
> I cannot reproduce both of these with the german version.

Try again with English version.
After multiple reboots, still broken as reported.

>> - transparency-grid empty in PDF-Expert
>> - optically OK in Adobe Reader
>> IMO most probably related to this bug
>> post-processing the file makes it readable in all PDF apps.
> What did you do exactly?

pdfsizeopt --do-optimize-fonts=no

>> This seems to be not only the fault of pdftex.
>> The images include with LyX trigger this?
>> (Let me repeat again at this point that all PNGs, all SVGZs and all PDFs
>> included in LyX can be also made much smaller, reducing shipping size.
>> Why does nobody care about this at all?)
> Do you think this is related with the reported problems?

Yes. But unproven for this case. UserGuide.pdf is broken for a long time
now on PDFkit based viewers.

UserGuide includes countless inludes/images. As for example PNG, and
PDF, and minipages…
In case of PNG they are probably just not optimised.
With PDFs they look like too big *and* trigger the problem?

> What do you mean with *much* smaller exactly?

double digit percentage savings on average.

> There are 272 png files with an total size of about 1.1 MByte.
> There are 10 pdf files with a size of about 200 kBytes total.
> There are 1443 svgz files with a size of about 4 MBytes total.
> The shipping size of the LyX bundle is more than 127 MBytes.
> Do you think reducing the images makes it *much* smaller?

Not overall, as those e.g. dictionaries take up a big chunk.
But I do not have a solution for making *them* smaller.

What I do see is that image files *can* be made smaller *easily*.

With pngout, advpng, optipng, trimage, imgopt, svgclean,…

Regardless whether they trigger the reported bug, that should be done
once, before shipping, saving thousands upon thousands of installed
bytes on user's machines.


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