LyX 2.3.4 Windows Installer for Testing

Stephan Witt st.witt at
Mon Feb 3 22:35:00 UTC 2020

Am 01.02.2020 um 14:48 schrieb mn <mnork0 at>:
> On 26.01.20 23:51, Richard Kimberly Heck wrote:
>> I've put a Windows installer here
>> for testing. The main thing is that I've updated Image Magick and,
>> frankly, am not at all sure I've done so correctly. It did manage to
>> export the User Guide, but I haven't tested preview, etc. Please let me
>> know if it's working properly. I'll plan to do the release mid-week if so.
> Just got around testing the Mac version.

Which Mac version did you test? The version you’ve built from source or the official one from download?

> UserGuide.pdf on macOS with default PDF viewer is unusable.

Which version of UserGuide.pdf - the english or some other language?

> Unfortunately, UserGuide is
> - blank in
> - crashing

I cannot reproduce both of these with the german version.
> - transparency-grid empty in PDF-Expert
> - optically OK in Adobe Reader
> IMO most probably related to this bug
> post-processing the file makes it readable in all PDF apps.

What did you do exactly?

> This seems to be not only the fault of pdftex.
> The images include with LyX trigger this?
> (Let me repeat again at this point that all PNGs, all SVGZs and all PDFs
> included in LyX can be also made much smaller, reducing shipping size.
> Why does nobody care about this at all?)

Do you think this is related with the reported problems? 
What do you mean with *much* smaller exactly?
There are 272 png files with an total size of about 1.1 MByte.
There are 10 pdf files with a size of about 200 kBytes total.
There are 1443 svgz files with a size of about 4 MBytes total.
The shipping size of the LyX bundle is more than 127 MBytes. 
Do you think reducing the images makes it *much* smaller?


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