LyX & macOS Dark Theme

Stephan Witt st.witt at
Fri Jan 31 13:48:29 UTC 2020

Am 31.01.2020 um 00:40 schrieb Joel Kulesza <jkulesza at>:
> On Thu, Jan 30, 2020 at 4:22 PM Stephan Witt <st.witt at> wrote:
> Am 29.01.2020 um 18:04 schrieb Jean-Marc Lasgouttes <lasgouttes at>:
>> Le 29/01/2020 à 17:57, Jürgen Spitzmüller a écrit :
>>> Am Mittwoch, den 29.01.2020, 17:48 +0100 schrieb Jean-Marc Lasgouttes:
>>>> As I understand it, at least using an older SDK will make LyX ignore
>>>> the theme and appear better.
>>> As I read the reports, using a more recent version of Qt (>= 5.12)
>>> might improve things as well.
>> Ah, sure, I missed this very important point :)
> I’ve spent some time to get a build of Qt 5.12 working with LyX and now it looks like the attached screen shots.
> This I’ll do with LyX 2.4.0 and later. For LyX 2.3.x it’s also possible. But there I prefer to stick with Qt 5.9.x.
> Stephan
> <Bildschirmfoto 2020-01-30 um 22.59.40.png><Bildschirmfoto 2020-01-30 um 23.00.33.png><Bildschirmfoto 2020-01-30 um 23.01.23.png>
> Stephan,
> This is excellent, thank you!  Is there anything I can do to help (e.g., with math toolbar cleanup)?

Hmmm… I don’t know. I saw the strange math toolbar in dark mode too. But what can be done?

One can switch the mode and the presentation is switched immediately.
I don’t think the application is able to change the icons when the switch occurs (I’m not sure).
The solution would probably be to design the icons careful for both modes.
That means to choose colors not too dark and not too bright.


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