Mailing list subscriptions

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes lasgouttes at
Mon Jan 27 23:37:19 UTC 2020

Le 02/12/2019 à 01:08, Paul A. Rubin a écrit :
> I just got a monthly "mailman" reminder about my subscriptions to the 
> lyx-devel and lyx-users lists (complete with passwords). It did not, 
> however, mention the lyx-announce list, to which I was subscribed before 
> the list hosting moved. Just to be safe, I tried to register my address, 
> but got an email warning that the address was already registered.
> Did the announce list not move when the others did? If it did, then it 
> appears that my address is registered but mailman doesn't know it (?).

Hello Paul,

Indeed, the reminders were shut off for this list, I am not sure why.

This should be OK now.


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