[RFC] ditch dvipost

Jürgen Spitzmüller spitz at lyx.org
Sat Jan 11 10:26:11 UTC 2020

We (still) use dvipost for change tracking markup in DVI/PS output (if
the dvipost package is available). I propose to remove that for 2.4 for
the following reasons.

1. dvipost is not maintained anymore for a long time (last release

2. the download link (http://efeu.cybertec.at/dvipost.tar.gz) on the
dvipost website (http://members.aon.at/fruehstueck/dvipost), freshcode
etc. is dead since a long time, so it's not even available anymore (you
can get an older version of 2002 from some archives, but not the latest
release 1.1 of 2006)

3. It does not work for non-obvious reasons (to users) if the pplatex
binary is not installed but the dvipost latex package is. In this case,
the markup is simply not output (without warning or error message).

4. It creates visually (slightly) differing output from our xcolor/ulem
change tracking approach

5. The latter also works on DVI/PS

6. We have bugs that cannot be resolved since they are dvipost bugs (

7. Code simplification


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