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Yu Jin technikmagma at
Thu Jan 9 17:40:27 UTC 2020

After some research and trial and error work I finally understand what is
happening there.
The old imagemagick with the old ghostscript works, that means, that magick
is found correctly. But then magick searches registry for
"CoderModulesPath", because it needs some module for converting. The
version magick in installed lyx is 7.0.7, LyX installer creates registry
entries for that version, so the installed LyX works. And when I copy them
to compiled LyX, it finds magick in there, but then uses the modules within
the installed LyX version, because the registry entries poin to that one.
The dependencies folder contains 7.0.8 imagemagick, so that magick will
search for the registry entry in a different place, but It is not there,
because noone registers it in there, so it fails.
I had to put following entries for imagemagick into registry with regedit
(the paths are given conform to the INSTALL.Win32 guide):


I just found the entries for the imagemagick in installed LyX under
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\ImageMagick\7.0.7\Q:16] and looked
in there which entries variables I need and to what folder to point them to.

Additionally I needed an registry entry for ghostscript, because by default
magick would try to call "gswin32c.exe" if it needs it, but the
dependencies contain 64 bit ghostscript (so "gswin64c.exe"). This is the
entry I needed to do:


Not sure if the ghostscript in the dependencies is v9.50, but it works like
this. I have installed ghostscript 64 bit from website, experimented with
it a bit and came up with this entry.

This is a usefull information for me for creating the windows installer :)

Now can we let CMake make these entries while configuring for Visual
Studio? because we point CMake to the GNUWIN32 dir, which is the
dependencies folder, anyway... or should I update the INSTALL.Win32 guide?

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