Preparing for development

Pavel Sanda sanda at
Wed Jan 8 16:42:12 UTC 2020

On Tue, Jan 07, 2020 at 08:40:51PM +0100, Yu Jin wrote:
> >
> > Something similar to PATH (DIR?) environment variable including path to
> > imagemagick is likely missing. I guess VC can setup such thing in
> > settings(?).
> >
> Simply cant get it working, tried adding all of those paths to projects
> properties... to PATH... not working...
> When I copy imagemagick and ghostscript folder from the installed LyX to
> the built one it works, but only if I copy and not move. So there must be
> something in imagemagick folder that points it to the ghostscript folder?
> But when I copy only the ghostscript folder it does not work. At the same
> time when when I copy only the imagemagick folder it does not work either,
> works only if both folders are at both places... I dont get it.

Hmm, isn't possible that RC_PATH_PREFIX is handled differently in installed
lyx and your compiled version?

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