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Yu Jin technikmagma at
Sun Jan 5 20:53:42 UTC 2020

Am So., 5. Jan. 2020 um 21:38 Uhr schrieb Kornel Benko <kornel at>:

> We expect qt be installed ...

Yeah, I have Qt installed and pointed CMake to the right directories, Is
the "package" target/project supposed to copy the needed dependencies and
dll files (like Qt5Cored.dll ...)? Then it does not work.

Could you please evaluate, which procedure feel better.
> Using 'install' and then copy the files
>         or
> using 'package' and then unpack/unzip at the desired place?

I think that using install is better as it is right now.

A revised patch is welcome, I will commit it.
>         Kornel
> PS:
> BTW what's the meaning of having 'Yu Jin' as name in the mail and sign as
>  'Eugene Chornyi'.
> The former feels Korean while the second feels Russian.

Eugene Chornyi is my real name, thats why I sign as Eugene. See Yu Jin as
my nickname, I have chosen it because it sounds similar to Eugene if you
pronounce it. Is that a problem? should I change that?

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