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Am Sat, 4 Jan 2020 19:16:28 +0100
schrieb Yu Jin <technikmagma at>:

> I think I actually found a clue. In the LyX.sln there are 36 projects, one
> of them is called install, compiling that one creates a LYX_INSTALLED
> folder. I just went with Build > Build Solution in VS menu bar. Now I see
> that in the stable branch it is described differently with "Compile the
> INSTALL project to get a LyX installation in
> C:\LyX\lyx-23-build\LYX_INSTALLED.", makes sense. So that takes care of
> that.
> Now I just have the issue with the "Debug" folder within the bin folder.
> Note, when compiling the Install project I have not that "Debug" folder,
> the file hierarchy is as it should be.

Why? If compiling for release, one does not need 'Debug'.

> I guess the install project wont do for debugging, right?

No, the install target is orthogonal to debug/release. At least on linux.

> maybe, there is
> another project, which I can compile? I will append pictures with the
> projects hierarchy in the solution file, maybe it makes sense to you.
> [image: prjH1.PNG]
> [image: prjH2.PNG]
> Eugene

Thanks. Looks like everything can be started from under 'LyX.sln'
And you need only 'install' target(==project in Win terminology)
Most of the other targets are done automatically, since 'install' depends on them.
Some of the (e.g. lyx_run_tests) are only for tests. But don't use it until we are ready
to compile and install everything.


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