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Now you got me all excited, I am happy that I can be helpful :)

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> Le 02/01/2020 à 17:31, Yu Jin a écrit :
> > Hi again, thank you for welcoming.
> Hi, I do compile on windows, but using a clumsy .bat file. I never
> manage to compile/debug LyX from the Visual Studio IDE. So having a
> working workflow for debugging LyX would be very valuable. In
> particular, getting profiling to work would be great. We have known for
> some time that the performance hits are different on windows, but only
> the most glaring examples have been fixed. I suspect it is possible to
> make LyX faster on windows.
> As Pavel wrote, we do not have any real windows developer, and this
> would make our life much easier. There are probably improvements that
> can be made to the cmake files in the windows-related parts.
> > I have looked into this a bit more and got LyX to recognize Python, I
> > had to change some strings in the support static library for that, I
> > will send a diff file later and we can discuss that.
> Good. I have seen this issue too, the oython detection code is very
> weird to me.
> > As for the development environment, I think that QT Creator is a good
> > choice. Visual Studio for example makes "Debug" and "Release" subfolders
> > in the "bin" folder, and because of that things get more complicated.
> Is this something that is enforced, or can we change it in our cmake
> settings?

I'm not sure, I have seen that it can be changed in project properties in
Visual Studio after generating the VS solution with cmake, but it would
need to be done for each one of the 36 projects separately, which is a pain
in the ass. I dont know much about CMake yet though, I guess I'm gona train
that first. I imagine, that that and the issue, where LYX_INSTALLED folder
is not created, are probably related to CMake.

> > 4. Even though LyX finds Python, it still does not display inserted pdf
> > files (I guess that Python is used to display them). Maybe someone could
> > give me a hint on where to start looking? I have not had a chance to
> > learn Python yet. But if you could point me in the right direction, like
> > which function to debug and what it basically does, it would be helpful.
> What pdf viewer do you have installed?

I use PDF Xchange Editor Plus 6.0. In 2.3.3 stable it works though, I just
compiled that branch the same way and it does display pdf files.

> > I will extend the windows guide once I get along with the Python issue.
> > I am up for maintaining the windows installer, I will train that and see
> > what I can do.
> Great news. Welcome.
> JMarc
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