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Yu Jin technikmagma at
Sat Dec 28 11:04:57 UTC 2019

Hi everybody,
I am a hobby C++ programmer. I would like to contribute to this project by
on the C++ source code.
I am using windows machine. For this project I thought to be using Qt
creator. I just installed everything I need (described in the INSTALL.WIN32
file) recently so the tools are on the newest version.
As Qt kit I use 5.12.6 MSVC2017 64bit and as compiler the 2019 one
installed through visual studio 2019, this kit works fine when I create a
simple qt project with UI.
With the lyx project I have a few issues though. I cloned the git
repository and downloaded dependencies and pasted into the folder.
1. after opening the project with qt creator, I need to configure the build
settings, for CMake settings I select a new folder as build directory and
get the message that GNUWIN32 dir could not be found, but in the window,
where I am supposed to set this dir and the other cmake settings I see no
keys, instead it says "Invalid codemodel file generated by CMake".
So insert 4 new keys manually described in the INSTALL.WIN32 file,  after
accepting , the build files have been written and the other options appear
aswell, seems to be fine so I continue.
2. I Compile by clicking build all in Qt creator. Everything gets built,
but it does not create the LYX_INSTALLED folder as described.
Anyway I find the bin folder (containing lyx.exe) directly in the specified
build directory. So I copy all the needed .dll files and folders from Qt
and dependencies and define path prefix after starting lyx.
3. After restarting and reconfiguring lyx, I get the messages in the
console :
"Looking for python 3.x ...
Examining C:/Users/_____/AppData/Local/Microsoft/WindowsApps/python3.exe
Looking for python 2.x ...
Warning: No python v2.x or 3.x binary found."
I have both python versions installed and added to the system path.
4. The built LyX runs anyway, but while playing around with it I found,
that pdf files are not displayed "error while converting to displayable

I have also tried to create a visual studio solution with CMake Ui just as
described  in the INSTALL.WIN32 file, but the Issues 2, 3 and 4 remain.

Actually the main reason is the pdf files not displaying, but I dont know
if I did something wrong or if there is a bug, so I described what I did
and how I did that.
Does anyone have experience with these tools and might give me a hint or

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