tooltips for check boxes: "if checked, ..."

Scott Kostyshak skostysh at
Sat Dec 28 01:18:22 UTC 2019

All of the following are prefixes for at least one tooltip corresponding
to a check box:

- If this is checked, ...
- If checked, ...
- If this is selected, ...
- If unchecked, ...
- Select this if you want ...
- Select if ...
- Select this to ...
- Select for ...
- <no prefix and assume that ... corresponds to if checked>

Some variation probably makes sense depending on what the "..." are, but
I wonder if some consistency would be welcome. On the other hand,
perhaps too much consistency would make LyX too much like a robot
instead of the eccentric personality it has?

If we did want more consistency, would it make sense to define global
variables for the two or three prefixes we chose, or would that make
translations complicated?

I really don't have a strong opinion on this; I'm just curious and
looking for opportunities to learn more about UI.

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