[patch] Refresh previews on branch toggle?

Scott Kostyshak skostysh at lyx.org
Mon Dec 9 21:14:53 UTC 2019

On Mon, Dec 09, 2019 at 12:44:20PM -0500, Richard Kimberly Heck wrote:
> On 12/9/19 10:40 AM, Scott Kostyshak wrote:
> > On Sun, Dec 08, 2019 at 11:03:20PM -0500, Richard Kimberly Heck wrote:
> >> On 12/8/19 9:20 PM, Scott Kostyshak wrote:
> >>> Attached is a patch that refreshes previews whenever the user activates
> >>> or deactivates a branch. The motivation for this patch is that if a
> >>> child document is previewed in the master document, and if the child
> >>> document has the branch inside it as well, the preview will be incorrect
> >>> when the branch is toggled (without this patch).
> >>>
> >>> However, this patch will cause all previews to refresh. I'm concerned
> >>> that the inefficiency is not worth the benefit. Any thoughts on this
> >>> patch and any thoughts on an ideal solution? For example, would
> >>> removePreviews() and updatePreviews() ideally have arguments that allow
> >>> to specify which type of previews to update?
> >> It makes sense to me.
> >>
> >> Do we have to remove previews first?
> > Good question. It doesn't work if I don't include that line, and it's
> > consistent with Buffer::reload(). The following contains a clue for why
> > I think it's needed (copied from RenderPreview.h):
> >
> >   /** Remove a snippet from the cache of previews.
> >    *  Useful if previewing the contents of a file that has changed.
> >    */
> >   void removePreview(Buffer const &);
> >
> > From the perspective of the master document, the LaTeX export
> > corresponding to the child document has not changed (it is just
> > \input{child.tex}). So if we only "update" the previews, I think that
> > would only regenerate previews for insets where the LaTeX as viewed by
> > the master document has changed.
> >
> > The patch does not actually call the function I reference above. It uses
> > removePreviews() (note the extra 's'), which creates an entirely new
> > previewLoader. Perhaps it would be more efficient to loop through the
> > insets and call removePreview() on them (or only the ones that depend on
> > a file?).
> It probably doesn't matter very much, since all the regeneration happens
> in the background.

Good point. Strangely, with my patch there is a period of time where the
GUI is unresponsive. During the time it is unresponsive, it shows the
old preview, then it shows no preview, then it shows the new preview. I
would have guessed that it would immediately show no preview, then it
would process in the background, then it would show the new preview. I
am amazed by how good the preview machinery is though, so I think my
expectation was greedy.

The delay seems to be (not surprisingly) due to updatePreviews(), not

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