CMake FindPythonInterp deprecated

pdv pdvisschere at
Fri Nov 29 13:39:23 UTC 2019

On 28/11/2019 13:36, Kornel Benko wrote:
>> Yes I see. At 2) one could drop the LYX_PYTHON_EXECUTABLE.
>> Are the LYX_ variables not supposed to be set by the developer/user?
> Good point. LYX_ prefix is used only to distinguish with any other variables
> used in e.g. underlying projects like 3rdparty ...
> But one could see it differently.
>> Patrick
> 	Kornel

My only concern is that there is no way then to select another python 
version if there should be a problem with the latest installed one.
With macports one can install different versions and select an active 
one. But cmake's FindPython3 seems not to honor that choice and returns 
always the latest one installed.

I've tried to find out which version is actually used by LyX.
On MacOS LyX does not use the version found by CMake; At least not for 
running the reconfigure script. This uses the python3 command which is 
set by macports and which can be different from the one returned by 

Maybe there are other locations in lyx where another python is used?


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