Ctest export failing with TL19

Jürgen Spitzmüller spitz at lyx.org
Sun Nov 17 08:11:54 UTC 2019

I partly repeat what I wrote to Scott already:

Am Samstag, den 16.11.2019, 11:02 +0100 schrieb Kornel Benko:
> With the new polyglossia (1.46) the following passes now again:
>         export/examples/fr/Modules/Multilingual_Captions_pdf4_systemF
>         export/examples/Modules/Multilingual_Captions_pdf4_systemF
>         export/examples/fr/Modules/Multilingual_Captions_dvi3_systemF
>         export/examples/Modules/Multilingual_Captions_dvi3_systemF
>         export/examples/fr/Modules/Multilingual_Captions_pdf5_systemF
>         export/examples/Modules/Multilingual_Captions_pdf5_systemF

Thanks to a new feature in polyglossia, which now also understands
babel languages in language switching commands.

> So, the remaining are:
>         export/export/latex/languages/th-en_utf8_pdf4_systemF

This works for me with Systemfonts/XeTeX.

>         export/export/latex/lyxbugs/wrong_output_3059-rtl-tables-
> xetex_pdf4_systemF

This looks like a (new) polyglossia bug. I'll investigate.

>         export/examples/Articles/American_Mathematical_Society_%28AMS
> %29_dvi3_systemF
>         export/examples/Articles/American_Mathematical_Society_%28AMS
> %29_pdf4_systemF
>         export/examples/Articles/American_Mathematical_Society_%28AMS
> %29_pdf5_systemF

This seems to be an old bug (rather in amsart than polyglossia):

In this thread, the amsclass maintainer promised (in 2008) to fix it in
the next release of amsart. This apparently didn't happen. (The
advertised fix still works, i.e.

--- /usr/local/texlive/current/texmf-dist/tex/latex/amscls/amsart.cls
+++ /home/juergen/texmf/tex/latex/testen/amsart.cls
@@ -598,6 +598,7 @@
   \nxandlist{\unskip, }{\unskip{} \@@and~}{\unskip, \@@and~}}
 \def\and{\unskip{ }\@@and{ }\ignorespaces}
+\DeclareRobustCommand\redefine at backslash{\def\\{ \ignorespaces}}
   \@topnum\z@ % this prevents figures from falling at the top of page
@@ -610,10 +611,11 @@
-  \toks4{\def\\{ \ignorespaces}}% defend against questionable usage
-  \edef\@tempa{%
-    \@nx\markboth{\the\toks4
-      \@nx\MakeUppercase{\the\toks@}}{\the\@temptokena}}%
+  \protected at edef\@tempa{%
+        \@nx\markboth{%
+            \redefine at backslash
+            \MakeUppercase{\the\toks@}}{\the\@temptokena}%
+   }%
   \c at footnote\z@

Maybe someone can contact him?

>         export/examples/Presentations/Foils_pdf4_systemF
>         export/examples/Presentations/Foils_pdf5_systemF

This is because the dvips option is used. Removing it makes the
document compile with XeTeX and LuaTeX.

>         export/examples/fr/Modules/Braille_dvi3_systemF
>         export/examples/fr/Modules/Braille_pdf4_systemF
>         export/examples/fr/Modules/Braille_pdf5_systemF

The document has a preamble definition which switches to the
English language. With babel, English is loaded via the english class
option. This does not work with polyglossia.

A fix is to remove this class option and add instead at the beginning
of the document a % in ERT and then in English "trick to load

Or alternatively in preamble (while keeping the class option):


Both is ugly, but the example file has some more rather ugly tricks.

>         export/examples/fr/Presentations/Foils_pdf4_systemF
>         export/examples/fr/Presentations/Foils_pdf5_systemF

See above.

>         export/examples/ko/cjk-ko-doc_pdf4_systemF

The preamble tries to load Latin Modern Roman when fontspec is used.
This does not work with XeTeX, as XeTeX (as opposed to LuaTeX) does not
find fonts in the texmf tree (only fonts installed in the OS). Using
another font which we can assume is widely installed on OSes will fix

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