Fwd: Lyx is unusable because of its window graphics not being updated

Neven Sajko nsajko at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 23:51:29 UTC 2019

> It is only the LyX work area that is not updated or the whole window
> (toolbar, menus...)?

I am not sure what do you mean by "work area", but for me (while I am
looking at the Xorg-powered display and using lyx), there are problems
on almost the whole window. The little animations that should happen
when the pointer hovers over the toolbar elements do not happen (the
highlighting, maybe that is what it is called), menus do not drop
down, and usually even the updates to the main area when the text goes
do not happen (so, if I type "aosdiasduioh", the screen stays the same
instead of that being shown as typed in. But this is where things turn
even weirder ...

After I read your question, I wanted to record a video of my screen,
with a visible keylogger window, so you guys could see what was
happening on my end. It turns out both keylogging and screencasting
have an effect on Lyx's perceived window behavior.

The most astonishing thing for me is that in the ffmpeg screencasts I
made, everything looks totally normal, the recorded Lyx window updates
smoothly exactly when it should. In other words, as far as I could
tell there is no bug visible from the screencasts, which does NOT
correspond to the behavior visible to me while using Lyx. (I will
share the screencasts, but they are probably useless.)

The other interesting thing was that having a keylogger window (which
shows key presses and releases when they happen, see the screencasts)
visible alongside the Lyx window caused the Lyx window to show
keypress-necessitated window updates that would otherwise be elided.
It seems that whenever there was another display update on screen, the
Lyx window would also get updated. This might explain why this bug
would only become apparent when using Lyx alongside a minimal WM like
DWM or without a WM (I usually use Lyx-like applications so they are
almost full screen).

This leads to an apparent work-around for this bug: one should have,
for example, a video player playing a video visible alongside the lyx

Screencast Google Drive links:




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