tex2lyx: error with svjour3 class

José Abílio Matos jamatos at lyx.org
Mon Nov 4 09:50:36 UTC 2019

Hi to all,
	last week I had a user reporting a problem where we could not import 
a latex document.

Both for lyx 2.3 and 2.4 there was a dialog saying that
"An occurred while running tex2lyx ..."

Running it from the command line I got:
$ tex2lyx -e utf8 ~/tmp/inbox/DTC_EQRR3.tex 
Creating file /home/jamatos/tmp/inbox/DTC_EQRR3.lyx
Error: Could not read layout file for textclass "svjour3".

Yet if I convert it using
tex2lyx -c svglobal3 -e utf8 ~/tmp/inbox/DTC_EQRR3.tex

it works.

This does not seems to be in tracker.

Searching for it I got a 7 years old message with Riki pointing that 
potentially the layout file is mis-named.

That was my first idea but then the svgglobal3.layout file has:
#  \DeclareLaTeXClass[svjour3,svglov3.clo,natbib.sty]{Springer's Global 
Journal Template (V. 3)}
#  \DeclareCategory{Articles}
# svjour3/global (article) textclass definition file.
# for various Springer Verlag Journals for which no specific file exists 

José Abílio

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