cmake install missing help documentation

Kornel Benko kornel at
Tue Oct 22 09:00:33 UTC 2019

Am Mon, 21 Oct 2019 17:46:41 -0400
schrieb Vincent Lucarelli <vincent.lucarelli at>:

> Hi,
> I tried to use cmake on CentOS 7 to build and install lyx from a
> clone of the git repo.  The binary built and installed fine, but if I
> try to access in the gui "Help > User's Guide" I get the error "Lyx:
> unable to find `UserGuide'. Bad installation?"
> There isn't a CMakeLists.txt in the lib or lib/doc directories and the
> project CMakeLists.txt doesn't reference those directories either.

Should be there. (development/cmake/doc/CMakeLists.txt)
The doc-files should be inside of lyx-system-dir.

> Does the cmake build infrastructure support installing the help
> documentation?
> Thanks,
> Vince

How did you compile lyx?
How did you install lyx?
How have you called lyx?

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