Increase the space between paragraphs in the GUI

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes lasgouttes at
Tue Oct 15 13:16:43 UTC 2019

Le 15/10/2019 à 15:03, Kale Kundert a écrit :
> Well, that was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  :-)
> If I can ask two follow-up questions (even though they don't pertain to 
> development any more), what's the difference between ItemSep and 
> ParSep?  I don't really understand what the customization manual means 
> when it says, "ItemSep provides extra space between paragraphs that have 
> the same style. If you put other styles into an environment, each is 
> separated with the environment's ParSep. But the whole items of the 
> environment are additionally separated with this ItemSep."

These a modeled on \itemsep and \parsep in LaTeX :

I would not be surprised if our interpretation was different, though.

If you notice a place where our layouts do not do the same as LaTeX, 
fell free to propose fixes to the layout files.

> Also, is there a way to make a layout file in the user configuration 
> directory (e.g. '~/.lyx') that applies by default to all files, or 
> overrides the default layouts?  After looking around, I ended up putting 
> the style you gave me in '/usr/share/lyx/layouts/' so that 
> it would apply even to files I've already created, without me needing to 
> change anything.  But I never like to edit system-wide files unless I 
> have to, and I feel like I might be missing something here.

You can put files in your user directory (probably ~/.lyx/layouts) this 
will supercede the system ones. I would be nice to
1/ provide a per-site LyX directory which applies to all users
  This is this ticket #10326  <>

2/ provide a new version of Input that inputs the upstream version: your 
own version of could input the system one and then do 
changes. However, we miss the 'input my parent' action.
This has been discussed here:

Both of these are reasonably easy if this scratches an itch of yours :)


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